YES Bank – A Race of Investors

YES Bank – A Race of Investors

Everyone is now thinking to buy YES BANK share after knowing the announcement that SBI may take 49% stack of the YES BANK. Yesterday on March 10, 2020, RBI released away 50k limits of withdrawal barriers, now you can withdraw according to your individual limits.

This news boosted the market to YES BANK and now it is quoting at 27Rs, as on March 11, 2020. well, we have to remember JP Morgan Banks predictions on the share price of YES BANK likely to go near RS 1 or RS 2.

Any Losing Company or raising Management will try to generate more capital from the stock market, YES BANK seems trying the same. YES BANK’s management seems confident regarding the upcoming capital issue as they had successfully generated capital from their recent issue, generated 1930 cr and the Data is Available. Stock Market is really a fantastic place for Losers to generate funds and clear debits. Remember Reliance Communications is still in the stock market whatever the company situation may be. They have not banned from trading.

Apart from this, promotors of YES BANK had also approached to the SEBI against deliberate selling of the stock by manipulators for optimizing their short positions in YES BANK. The huge sale of 17Cr Shares in the preopening market was Pathetic. Now the same operators doing opposite and in both cases they earn money. Look at the below Image of 17Cr sellers in pre-open session and 1,93Cr Buyers before the market opens. 6th March and 11th Mach respectively.

The point that one should pay attention to is the NPA handling capability of YES BANK. If YES BANK is able to resettle its NPA which mainly belonging to a few big accounts, it will be like the power booster to YES BANK. However, YES BANK keeps saying one major Big Loan Issue of Coffee Day Siddharth who committed suicide recently, they say they have lent 500Cr loan and 12K Cr Loan was in the loop.

YES BANK stock also manifests recovery from its lower levels. which also shows its capabilities for recovery. The bank is also trying to slightly diversify its business where it is focusing more on disbursals of small to medium retail loans rather than large corporate loans. The reduced dependence towards Corporate Loans will help them to reduce risk which has troubled the bank in the last few months. The bank is also expected to recover its bad loans thus reducing NPA which will also be determining the future of the bank.

Remember, I always use to say not to invest all your funds into one company, I use to always urge to people to split their investment into several companies and invest, in this profits are less as well risks are also minimal. The above loan lending in short values is also the same.

On the other side, the Co-founders family Madhu Kapur’s had not till date diluted their stake which shows they have confidence in this business. Now almost Rana Kapur stake has come down to 4 and Madhu Kapur’s is 8 so overall promoter holdings is nearly 13 % I expect this will come down further so that the founders involved in the business will be less and hence more the bank is institutionalized larger its prospects

Over time and experience in my life with Capital Market, one thing is very clear to be, a broken horse cannot win the race. However, it can finish the race-winning line if taken care of well. Likewise, look into YES BANK for short term short profits or intraday benefits only. For now, long term planning in this bank may be Risky. Another big advice is not to look into this bank as a source of Investment, it is purely for trading purposes it may be any condition or news in media. The horse must undergo a couple of years resting the broken leg pain and recover its leg health completely and then there we so, betting for winning the world. Don’t Dump all your funds into this Bank at any cost.

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