Mark the Day of Valentine’s for Pulwama Attacks!
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Mark the Day of Valentine’s for Pulwama Attacks!

A Tribute from RaviEQS…

Whole world celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2019. A small town in India incidents a painful moment, then turns to dark hour for Entire Nation, Love turned to Pain and Joy turned to Sorrow. Entire nation cries and world leaders’ condolences. All this happened by a cowered terrorist belonged to Pakistan.

Where is the Place and What Happened?

Pulwama is a town and a notified area committee in Pulwama District in Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is almost 40 km from the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir which is Srinagar located in India.

Yesterday the Feb 14,2019, Blast heard from 10-12 km away; bodies strewn on highway, broken to several pieces, 20 people at spot found as raw burnt meat, by time the total crowded to 44, still don’t no how may going to lose their life as 72 more injured and hospitalized.

A 3 months old baby lost father, a just married lady lost her husband, aged parents’ backbone was their son now no more, sisters cried, brothers crouched and by time everything turned to sorrow.

How did it Happen?

A convoy of around 2,500 CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) personnel was targeted by a Jaish-e-Mohammed suicide bomber, Adil Ahmad Dar. He was driving an SUV carrying around 200 kg IED explosives. The vehicle rammed into one of the buses carrying Soldiers, blast occurred leaving several body parts strewn around the area just in 2 to 3 minutes.

India is such a beautiful nation, but the mistakes were happened during partition of nation with Pakistan still couldn’t clear issues, meanwhile Pak turned as terrorist nation to their host body India and keep doing. Now this incident isolate entire world focus towards it and may turn much rotten situations in future.

India says that Pakistan has long given safe haven to Jaish-e-Mohammad militants and accused it of having a “direct hand” in Thursday’s attack. Pak didn’t agree that they did this or supported this.

Pakistan has called for global sanctions against the group and for its leader, Masood Azhar, to be listed as a terrorist by the UN security council. What does UN council do? whatever happens to happen now already happened, they have done their justice act to their terror career killing people from behind.

Mr. Jaitley set out India’s determination to hold Pakistan to account when speaking to reporters after attending a security meeting early on Friday. Almost every Indian Officers from Pak returned to India, meanwhile the whole world did the same. They pulled back their officers from Pak.

Now, the decisions are with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, when Bodies arrived at Delhi, he cried inside giving a salute at airport to Martyr Soldiers. He said as the terrorists did a blunder and they face the consequences. I liked the way PM Modi saluted to Martyr soldier bodies, he did Pradakshana and paid his Tributes

130Cr Indian population now feels bad on this incident, news and medias forecast the painful part of families every ware, one father asked PM Modi to clean out the Pakistan even for dogs.

Whatever the justice may be, whoever the culprit may be, the lives lost are lost, being in the stock market following news and doing a tempting trade for money from a decade, I have witnessed many incidents around the globe, a revenge is never the solution but the cancer wounded leg needs to be cleaned out or cutoff whatever the pain may be.

People urge for peace saying precaution is better than cure, I am definitely one among them, but now time is at its peak, rather being cautions and worried all time; let just clean the shit and give peace to further budding Indian Young Generations.

Many people sacrificed for freedom and now we have freedom of living. Now time to sacrifice for peace. I pray for the souls passed away yesterday and wish for the fast recovery of those 72 soldiers in hospital. Just imagine their love towards the nation and pain towards losing their fellow mates in the Riot.

I love my Nation! Jai Hind! Ravi EQS

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  1. sundeep y
    February 16, 02:55 Reply

    it was an intelligence blunder. allowing cprf van to roam in civilian roads without proper precautions is a mistake in itself. the suicide bomber was at large escaping encounters by miltary and this should have been a warning. cant blame enemies if our military and cbi was not doing their job properly.

  2. Selvan
    February 16, 02:58 Reply

    I agree with you Mr. Ravi. I suggest you create an petition or opinion link and pass on so that this can be spread all over India.

  3. Brajesh Trivedi
    February 16, 03:16 Reply

    Each and every line of your blog depicts the state of mind of every proud Indian.Thank you very much Ravi sir .
    Colossal loss suffered by Motherland cannot be compensated by Tit for tat act, nevertheless it does provide some solace to humanly mind.You very rightly said that cancerous part of the body must be cleaned or cut off for the greater health of the body.
    In such a short time,we should not expect a concrete action from our Government in proportionate with damage,but the way Govt. Is moving gives some assuagement.
    Having said so,I ardently feel that a convoy of 78 vehicles carrying 2500 soldiers passing through vulnerable area infected with demons was not properly guarded by LOCAL & NATIONAL level Intelligence –brings an element of our unpreparedness.
    At last my prayers to our soldiers🙏🙏

  4. As
    February 16, 03:39 Reply

    Nice article

  5. Binal Mehta
    February 16, 03:59 Reply

    I hope the sacrifice of our Soldiers wont go in vain.
    There should be a tit for tat answer. RIP

    Jai Hind

  6. Blip
    February 16, 07:07 Reply

    I completely agree with the blog. 44 families are grieving and 1.3 billion are behind the brave families. My condolences to each of the families.

  7. Amit Anand
    February 17, 00:11 Reply

    Thanks for sharing the article Ravi.
    Some people say that it was an intelligence failure but they don’t know that there are multiple category of intelligence, some are actionable whereas some are not. CRPF already had an intelligence of attack but it was not that concrete hence not actionable. Plus they already took all possible measures to detect any IED placed in route.
    What happened is really sad and we all want action with full force against such organization present inside and outside India.
    May the soldiers rest in peace and God give their family strength in this tough situation.
    I urge everyone to donate whatever they can to the family of martyrs through Paytm/GPay or direct website

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