Is WAR Ahead Between IND and PAK?

Is WAR Ahead Between IND and PAK?

Giving reply back to Pulwama Attach, now india has responded with IAF strikes across LoC. The Indian Air Force struck the JeM terror camps at around 3:30 am. Strikes hit multiple targets in Balakot, Chakothi and Muzaffarabad. The entire operation continued for 21 minutes.

In a surprise to Pakistani security forces, the Indian Air Force reportedly dropped around 1,000 kg bombs on Jaish-e-Mohammed terror camps across the LoC in Muzafarabad sector early morning on Tuesday, 26th, 2019. Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has summoned an emergency meeting in Islamabad, Pakistan, to discuss the security situation.

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, commenting on reported air strikes by the IAF, said: “Actually it was mostly on our own territory, which is called PoK- Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. So you can always bomb your own territory, nothing wrong.”

Indian Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh head to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the strikes carried out by the Indian Air Force. High alert declared across the LOC.

Further comes the dramatic situation, any war or natural calamities of any nation cause damage to their nations economy. This IND and POK Loc defense and surgical strikes too cause the damage

At present PAK Major Stock market Indices are down. Few lists are here.

KSE 100 39,075.87 -530.92
KSE ALL 28,440.59 -351.65
KSE 30 18,849.73 -241.20
KMI 30 65,856.92 -1,100.42

At the same phase Indian markets were also marginally down and now are recovering very rapidly.

India belonged to ASIAN Terrain and the Indian stock exchanges are mainly Mid Hour Markets. However, the late Hours markets are those which are opening after Indian market close and include US Markets. Same way there are Early Market which open even before Indian Markets Open, mainly Asian markets are present in list. This variation is because of Day-hour pattern and Global timings.

So, we need to see how global nations react to Indian border Air Strike. At the same time PAK leaders may decide to strike back to india. If the same happened then India will definitely not sit quite. I have seen Modi Taking very hard decisions.

If the attacks progress continues then supporting nations join together and art the both India and Pakistan, the Military expenses arise and both the nations have the bare the expenses. However, Indian defense budget is 55Billion which is many time more than PAK budget. We will recover faster due to our export and Import industries raised in last 5 years. Software sectors is identified only because on India which is well known truth.

Ware is never a solution, however most of the man made situations are just uncontrolled by himself. If the global leaders involve in this LOC issue then the dark days are ahead in economy. Modi Govt election is another factor of influence.

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