How to Invest in Yes Bank Shares?

How to Invest in Yes Bank Shares?

Invest in Yes Bank Shares in just 4 Easy Steps. Here are the steps to follow.

STEP1 – Opening Demat Account: To invest in any shares you need to have a Demat account, there are many brokerage firms out there to open Demat account, unfortunately, all are different in terms of Charges and some are very pathetic. So with 12 years of experience in Trading, I would recommend opening an account in Zerodha.

The opening account in Zerodha may not take more than 5 minutes. You can use this link to open the Demat account by Step by Step Guidelines. Click here.

STEP2 – ZERODHA KITE LOGIN: Once the account is opened in Zerodha, Install Kite Application from Appstore or Google Playstore:

Kite From Zerodha

Once Kite is Installed, log in with the Zerodha 6 Digit user name and password created by you. Zerodha Might have emailed the User ID to you.

Step 3: After login open watchlist option and Add YesBANK.

Watchlist option in Kite

ADDING YESBANK: Search As YESBANK and the below result appear. Choose NSE and add to the watchlist.

Search and Adding to Watchlist

STEP 4 – BUYING YESBANK SHARES: Once added to watchlist now you are ready to buy YESBANK Shares. Look at the below pic, click/tap on YesBank from the watchlist and you get a Buy options Screen.

Shares Buy Screen

Now, the buy action to be performed, Click/Tap on buy option, and land on to buy order screen, see pic below.

Order Screen in Zerodha

From the Screen enter the number of shares you wish to purchase, the left side CNC option to be chosen, it means Cash ad Carry. For now, trade with the amount you have in your hand.

Order type needs to be Market, it indicates you are going to buy shares in the last traded price if you want o customize then enter the LIMIT option and put the price instead of 0.0 indicated in the pic. Keep Variety as RGLR and place an order. Once the order is executed you will be allocated shares in your portfolio Positions Screen immediately. You can see the allocated shares in the Positions screen as shown below.

Positions Screen in Kite Zerodha

If you preferred to sell then just tap on the Holding from Portfolio and exit the position defining the price. Some of the facts and FAQs are detailed Below.

General Questions about YesBank Shares

If you holding more than 100 Shares then you may not be able to sell more than 26% Shares from your holding. If the shares are lesser then 100 then you can sell them. The shares are locked for 3 years as per the recent updates.

Yes, as we see lot of developement is sustanity of company and shares price is daily increasing, recently reveived man confirmed news on invesmtnets from SBI, ICIC and other banks.

It is Said to be 3 years as per the official notification received on March 13, 2020. However, if the number of shares are less then 100 then you are eligible to sell any time.

No, it has been removed and effective from March 17, 2020 you can withdraw as per your account limitations, all withdrawal holds placed on Yes bank are removed..

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