How to Become A sub broker in Stock Market and How to Earn Money Without investment

How to Become A sub broker in Stock Market and How to Earn Money Without investment

How to Become A sub broker in Stock Market and How to Earn Money Without investment

First, I don’t charge anything to help you with this process, it is completely free, so let’s start making money in the stock world without investment.

Many stock brokers allow additionally one to become their partner or Sub broker, in the form of associate and thus you will be able to become one among their business revenue sources. An associate broker in Stock market is a professional job too.

On any business you generate in their firm, they will be sharing the percentage of profits directly to you, this percentage may vary from 10% to 20% to up 50%. Yes, there are brokerage firms who share 50% of their profit earned through you.

How to Become A sub broker in Stock Market
How to Become A sub broker in Stock Market

This process of Associate broker in the Stock market is also called Sub broking, and it is permitted from NSE ( National Stock Exchange) and you will be authorized to do this job legally with certification for 3 years. However, some terms and conditions apply.

As all brokerage firms allow this business of stock broker it becomes mandatory to wisely choose one brokerage firm and enroll, because as per NSE and SEBI guidelines one can have only one brokerage firm signup. Not allowed to do with multiple brokerage firms. How to Earn Money Without investment in this field is a big question!

The Next focus point is to choose a broker as per the growth and easiness of opening accounts and referring customers. More than this the percentage share to be best in all slabs, there will be payments calculation in 3 t 4 slabs, like opening account, accessing documents, signup completion likewise, for all this you will have some percent share from brokerage firms, so it becomes a tough job to choose the brokerage firm to start a business with and become a sub broker.

Another major point to discuss is the study and Marketing Material, which must be simple and easy to explain. You have to basically be aware of the stock market and should have basic experience of trading. hence, the brokerage firm must give u account to trade and invest, some firms do not allow this.

Coming to earning share discussion, for 1 client reference you must early get 20Rs growth premium, for 200 accounts & its to be 20,000Rs minimum, imagine if you have 1 thousand clients under you then every month you will be getting 2 lakh rupees and up to you to increase your clients. The money will never stop reaching your pocket even if you don’t spend time for months together. This will be a lifetime revenue source for a one-time effort as a Sub Broker or Associate broker in Stock market.

Zerodha Associate Programme:

Zerodha Now Become one of these India’s biggest brokerage firm and also hold the highest number of associate brokers, Zerodha Associate Programme is yet very easy and simple process of enrolling people, simply refer the people to Zerodha to start the revenue.

Create your own stock brokerage earnings via Zerodha Associate Programme. To become Zerodha Associate Broker or Sub Broker in Stock Market, you must first open a trading account, here is the link to further steps, Click Here Associate broker in Stock market

I have been with many brokerage firms and now I earn sufficient in this sector if anyone is interested to learn this sort of business and become sub-broker and earn lifetime never stopping incoming then do contact me immediately. I will guide you every possible aspect of business and hold your hands for a certain amount of time til you walk independently. I will clearly guide you on Zerodha Associate Programme.

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