EQS L&C Protocol

EQS L&C Protocol

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What is it?

L&C stands for Levels and Consolidations, L&C Protocol is a formula derived from 3000 days Nifty observation, this formula helps you understand the direction of nifty trending in every hour and we can predict the direction change in every interval of time.

Knowing impacts of global market is mandatory, however further hourly impact of markets will be studied as L&C Protocol. let’s understand the definition.


Nifty takes the data reference from previous market closure values with Indian companies and as well around the global data. as a consolidation we have derived nifty with 50 Indian top companies in them, trending of every company impacts the Nifty direction change.

L&C Protocol Analysis Sample Data

Basically, any data value flow is based on 4 major factors, Alpha, Beta, Gama, and Theta. these factors access the number of orders in the shares together and the amount of shares orders executed, it also considers the data flowing around the nation as well as external bodies as Fii data. Even Forex and commodities volume also rebind directly or indirectly contribute a major change in the direction change.

L&C Protocol is nothing but the prediction of Nifty Direction changes in every hour, the overall direction change is inter-connected to global markets impacts too. so, one must study the global markets data analysis.

How to Apply?

Nifty takes total 4 levels and 3 Consolidations. The Levels determine the static points and consolidations define the time to take decision.

As referred in the image above, L1, L2, C1, C2, C3, L4 and L5 are the indicators.

  • L1 – Time 09:15am – Pre-open sessions Freezing time
  • L2 – Time 09:45am – The first phase of direction change happens, time of decision making
  • C1 – Time 10:45am – The First Consolidation – Decision of Entry
  • C2 – Time 11:30am to 11:45am – The confirmation Phase of Direction Trending – Decision of Entry
  • C3 – Time 12:30pm to 12:40pm – Decision of entry of Exit
  • L3 – Time 1:45pm – Time of decision of Exit
  • L4 – Time 2:30pm to 2:45pm – Time of decision of Exit
  • L5 – Time 2:55pm onwards, to Exit and Stay Away

These timings are the time of direction change; hence we can make a decision for investment/exit based on these standard references.

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