Carona – Investment Carona in 2020

Carona – Investment Carona in 2020

Bang on the year 2020, Wipe off all you Poverty…

you can bring you prosperity if you fully make the best use of all the investment opportunities in the world.

It really does not matter what income bracket you fall in. Whether you are a coal miner or a million-dollar entrepreneur, you must invest your money in the right place so that you get maximum return out of your investments.

Look at the Graph of Nifty, reaching from 12400 to 10550 range in a Month’s Duration. This is the luck for People living in this generation.

Basically, unlike 2008 Recession, the present market fall is not a Panic fall, the strategically fall is only virtual and caused less impact on a practical note of economies of any country, everything is same in every company, no company is in loss in actual scenario, the fall is because of Natural Calamity condition, a virus caused emergency around the world.

Yes, it is Coronavirus Making this Market Adverse conditions, Imaging the day of finding proper vaccine and medicine to this disorder, everything sets to normal in a day or 2.

Use this opportunity one must invest in Derivatives for the month of April and Futures of April and May. Of course, in Equity Shares of Companies too. Everything will turn an unimaginable profit for your life.

2nd biggest reason for the market pull is YESBANK related RBI and media outcome of SBI Decisions on YES BANK. Do we invest in this bank now seeing the surge of 5 Rs then to Raise 21Rs in a week’s time? lets debate on this over WhatsApp.

However, remember to choose a proper brokerage firm for your investment. My advice is to choose a Discount brokerage firm like Zerodha. Why I choose Zerodha is the next question arise and here is the clear review I have made:  

Feel Free to reach me for any help you need in opening the account, WhatsApp/msg to 9964237328.

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