1SW Strategy – in Stock Market

1SW Strategy – in Stock Market

Earning money in the stock market is always a challenge, here is one of the most successful, our own investing and short term-based trading strategy, throughout excellence we have refined the strategy and experimented under the various market condition and the strategy remain successful


1SW Stands as 1SW – One Stock Watchlist Strategy. The logic of trading to be applied here to earn daily expenses. So, once you mastered trade in this method then you can increase your profits in the multiples. Using this strategy one can earn enough for living. Here in EQS, we teach this strategy completely, please read further menu content as how to trade using this strategy and you can get our regular pick of stocks to trade with this logic.

Success Ration:

The overall success ratio stands at 90%. However, the 10% losses are negligible as almost nobody lost from their portfolio. We named it as 1SW Trading Strategy based on very successful earnings responds.

The 1SW Strategy is a simple and very effective process of trading, here we advise traders to be always connected to news and media information. One who can spend a little time every day will be successful here. below are a few major steps to use this strategy.

Creating Watchlist:

Choose your own fundamentally verified companies to add to your watchlist or portfolio. Remember you are going to choose only 1 share in the quantity section. This way you must accumulate 50+ companies share in your portfolio. You can either add to your money control application portfolio or else directly purchase 1 share of shortlisted companies.

Tracking Watchlist:

Keep watching the list regularly, the up and down movement will be normal, the moment we enter must be 100% figured moment, it can be upwards or downwards, but it has to fall in under our prediction. During the downside of market movements, we must pick the stock to enter among this list itself, whichever company fall approximately 10% or above to be chosen to invest. According to Fibonacci Retracements, any company fallen will bounce back 3 to 4% during the market direction change from bearish to bullish.

Investing in Stock:

On choosing a stock to trade; the first and the most important thing is to calculate the volume of shares to be invested. The investment volume to be exactly the returns based number, the total number of shares must yield you or earn you of its total LTP price change.

It means to overall 10% down trading bounce of 3 to 4% will be usual, we have to en-cash this bounce-back of 1 to 3% of the total change in the stock you invested. to put in simply words, we have to earn from the dead. However, in our APP next menu we have regularly updated the stocks to be picked and the quantity to be bought.

What if We Held Up:

Unlike other strategies, you have not invested in one company so you lose a major part of your investment, as you have split your money to several pieces, one company may not return with profits to you, this doesn’t matter as this will not be with all companies. 95% of companies you invest will be giving the basic fruit and you can exit them.

If you still find to come off the stuck company your investment then you just have to add additional some more shares to average, once the average price is fallen you can exit the same in a couple of Rs earnings. However, we advise you to come out within a short amount of time. No stock to behold more than 3 months, so the trading is always short term or very short term, yes it can be intraday too.

Learning Sessions for 1SW Strategy

We do not teach it like a schoolroom session. However, this is a one to one strategy teaching via Call and WhatsApp, once you join the network of 1SW we can schedule a call to understand the strategy, one to one chat for doubts.

Course Charges: There are no FEEs if you register under Sponsor’s Mentoring and only the early maintenance/service charges of 300Rs applicable to join the Course.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Actual Course Fee is 5,500.00Rs, as it is a sponsored course you many only need to pay a maintenance fee of 300Rs and in addition, it is mandated to have Zerodha Account for trading under our Sponsor’s Mentoring
  • If you do not want to have the Zerodha account under our sponsor’s mentoring then a total fee for the course will be 5,500Rs
  • If you already have Zerodha account then also course fee remains 5,500.00Rs as you are not eligible to sponsored funds
  • The sponsor’s total funds Maximum 5,200.00Rs only per candidate contributed directly to EQS Platform Training
  • Course Duration – Mentoring including training is up to 5 Days totally
  • No refund available in any circumstances

Please Contact Us for More details.

Join 1SW Broadcast Group!

Sharing day to day information to the individual becomes important, one person data cant be shared to other as security reasons, hence we cannot a common WhatsApp group, so the help and information sharing becomes private and end to end encryption.

Instead of WhatsApp group, we have opted a Whatsapp Broadcast, hence every piece of information is shared to your WhatsApp regularly.

You can Join 1SW Broadcart by Paying Subscription Charges Directly, Below are the payment options. Please share the payment confirmation message to us via WhatsApp to 9964237328 or email to ravieqs@gmail.com

Via online/Debit/Credit Cards – Secure Payment Through Bank  – Click here


UPI Payments to be made to Mobile Number: 9964237328
Name: Ravi Kumar – Use below QR Code or Click/Tap Here

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