Zerodha, Indias Best Brokerage Firm
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Zerodha, Indias Best Brokerage Firm


It’s been a decade I started to trade, I traded over many brokerage firms, finally I accept and prefer ZERODHA as a best brokerage firm for trading in India. Here is my opinion. By the way NSE announced Zerodha as indias top trading firm with 8.47k Active traders in zerodha. Below is the report.



Mr. Nithin bootstrapped and founded ZERODHA in 2010 to overcome the hurdles he faced during his decade long stint as a trader. Today, ZERODHA has changed the landscape of the Indian brooking industry and is my top choice ZERODHA.

I have been trading since 2008, in last 10 years I have bypassed many stock brokerage firms of india. I keep changing brokerage firms because of the amount of money flown to them as brokerage or Fees.

I came to know one day that Zerodha charges No Brokerage for delivery trading.

We generally come across many reviews and people who had compared in many parameters have accepted Zerodha as their best choice, even I accept the same, few highlighted features of this firm are listed below



With many top Indian Brokerage Firms for 1 Lakh rupees you end up paying 300Rs to 800Rs brokerages which is unacceptable. However Zerodha Charges 20Rs even to 10 lakh worth transaction and as well no brokerages for delivery holding even for 10 years.

INTRADAY DELIVERY F&O CHARGES are 0.01%/20Rs Whichever Lower, Hence, Zerodha is Best Among many other Indian Brokerage Firms.


Designed with Advanced Technology By Most Experienced People of Trading

1. Zerodha Kite :

Kite is a online web & mobile trading application used to watch live market quotes and to place orders, kite is the most simplest application developed by Zerodha , few actions you can perform in Kite are detailed below:

  • Dashboard – Single view of funds, positions, holdings, P&L.
  • Order Book – To view/Cancel/Modify pending orders.
  • Trade Book – To view Completed/Executed Orders.
  • Holdings – To view Shares holding in your demat account.
  • Positions – To view and track Currents day trade positions P&L and Overnight Equity F&O,Currency & Commodities existing positions P&L.
  • Funds – To view Total Funds present in your trading account.

2. Zerodha Pi

Zerodha PI is undoubtedly one of the most advanced trading software introduced to trade in Indian stock market. Easy to download and install and provides Real time data.

Advanced charting options which is very much useful for intraday traders. It provides charts up to 50,000 candles. It has 10 different types of charts and more than 80 built in indicators and more than 30 drawing tools.

Automated trading is possible with EA. One can build his own strategy and trade. Pi also has back testing feature. Back testing of a strategy is a very useful tool to test any new or existing strategy. You can have intraday data of a year and historical data of five years.

The most interesting thing is that you can put an order directly from the chart window. Stock screener is also available to identify stock of specific criteria. You can scan the list of stocks in real time and find stocks as per your criteria. pattern recognition feature is also available.

Up to 250 stocks can be included in market watch. With real time data they also provide real time news on PI. You can also integrate other softwares like Amibroker, Metatrader or Ninja trader with PI. All these features make Zerodha Pi one of the best trading software for indian stock market.

3. Coin – Mutual Funds

As a cautious investor if you choose to invest in mutual funds, they have Coin which is a platform that lets you buy mutual funds online, completely commission-free, directly from asset management companies. If you have a plan to go for recurring investment, this is the best for you as this will earn you additional gain of 1% to 1.5% which in case of buying MFs from other agencies, the distributor earns an upfront commission of upto 1.5% on your investment and a trail commission of upto 1.5% every year for as long as you are invested in the fund.

4. Q/Backoffice

Q is a back office management platform of Zerodha where you can get reports such as – ledger balance value, account value, holding details, open positions, trade reports, P&L, tax P&L etc. back office management platform also include a option called 60 Days Challenge

If you able to earn even 1Rupee extra also they will issue a Digital Certificate on behalf of successful earning & Achievement.

5. Varsity

Varsity is an education initiative by Zerodha for its clients and all others free of cost. First thing to keep in mind that Zerodha entered the stock market with an innovative discount broking model in 2010. They are a technology based start up who redefined the broking business in India. What do they differ from the existing.

The modules are:

  1. Introduction to stock market (14 chapters)
  2. Technical analysis (20 chapters)
  3. Fundamental analysis (16 chapters)
  4. Future trading (12 chapters)
  5. Option theory for professional trading (23 chapters)
  6. Option strategies (13 chapters)
  7. Market and taxation (7 chapters)
  8. Currency and commodity futures (17 chapters)
  9. Risk management and trading psychology (16 chapters)
  10. Trading systems (1 chapters)

6. Q&A Zerodha

Q&A is a wonderful idea to unite the traders to help each other, here you can post any questions for the new Q&A Series, it may be about any company relevant question or related to your trading transaction, every question will be monitored to ensure the quality.

Most probably this is the only firm holding such platform of connecting customer to customer, new initiative in our quest to empower retail traders & investors with knowledge.

7. Small Case

Zerodha smallcase is basically a partnership between Zerodha and Smallcase (a small start-up) that works together to provide themantic investment options for their clients. Users need to open a demat account with the discount stock broker and they can access themantic investment options through their portal.

Its an investment option for people who find it hard to perform fundamental analysis and are looking for accurate investment advisory.

8. Z-connect

Z-connect is as it says Zerodha Connect, from here you can get any updates related to stock market updates, Zerodha relates news and updates, back office announcements, offers, holidays etc, Z-connect communicates about stock market activities.

You can see updates related to system maintenance of kite or any applications of Zeroda, latest version releases, upcoming Zerodha announcements, progress and progression reports and latest Zerodha events too.

9. Pulse

Zerodha Pulse is a web portal created to accumulate news articles published by various media organizations, Pulse gather information from all the leading news sources such as Moneycontrol, Economic Times, Reuters, Business Standard, The Hindu Business, CNBCTV etc.

Pulse Simplifies effort of connecting medias together and hunting news for current affairs, it means one portal with multiple portals knowledge at one place.

10. Brokerage Calculator

When you bought particular company stocks on an intraday Basis or on delivery basis, Zerodha charge you some percentage of margin if you are trading it on intraday.

You can calculate it easily by using Zerodha‘s margin and brokerage calculator, you can see all type of taxes , net profit or loss , quantity everything. This helps you know your total profit V/S Loss details before your transaction itself. Knowing the brokerage you can keep targets of your Sale.

10. Streak

Zerodha Streak is one the latest additions to the discount broker’s armoury of trading applications and tools. Although Streak is a separate entity, Zerodha (through Rainmatter) has invested an amount of INR2.25 Crores in it. Streak is basically an algo-based trading analysis and signalling tool that directly helps you to use algorithms in your trades.

All this is done without you doing any piece of coding or knowing how algo-trading works. It basically takes in some inputs around your trade and provides you specific information on your profit returns while you backtest your strategy. If you like it, you can choose to deploy the strategy and thus, input your order.

Investors today have it much better than they did just a decade ago. Trading costs and commissions flat brokerage 20 rupees are becoming smaller and smaller with each passing day. Below are standard trading commissions for stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds at Zerodha.

Zerodha has almost killed all brokerage firms Keeping Discount Brokerages Concept, people do trade in Zerodha and Earn and as well as they save a lot from earnings.

If you do a trade worth 1Lakh in Zerodha in equity then you will be charge 10Rs Brokerage. But I have seen other firms charging Max 800Rs. if you do a single transaction in Zerodha worth 10lakh then this transaction also cost 20Rs itself. Zerodha charge either 0.01% or 20Rs whichever Lower.

In F&O Zerodha charge 20Rs per transaction, lets say you did 100 Transaction then your charges will be just 20X100=200Rs. But, some brokerage firms charge 36,000Rs. It is very much true. All you need to compare the brokerage firms and see it.

As a Senior in Industry trading from 10+ years I recommend you all to use and migrate to Zerodha immediately, enough of wasting money to all other firms as Brokerage, STT, DP, Interests Etc in many aspects. Lets switch to Zerodha and get 60 Days Challenge along with all benefits of their efforts.

Now, it is easy to open account in zerodha with Aadhar Number, takes 5 minuts only. Signup now and Experience the Best of Trading!!

SO Many People ask on Charges of Zerodha. its just 300Rs per year which is maintenance charges only, it means 365Days/300Rs = 82paise per day.

Now, lets migrate to Zerodha from any trading platform you might be trading with. Its time to upgrade yourself into Latest Technology and Discount Brokerage Firm. Prefer someone who always charge less and provide better quality service. Zerodha is now Top 3 among indian trading Platfoms.

If you still have doubts and need a consultant then reach me via whatsapp, I am available and I donot charge for helping people. Reach me via +91 9964237328

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