How to Earn Daily Expenses in Stock Market?
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How to Earn Daily Expenses in Stock Market?

Ways to Earn 200Rs to 300Rs Daily

Based on expectation; there are basically four types of people come into Stock Market.

Type 1: People with high amount of investment and expectations also higher, up to 30% to 50% returns of investment.

Type 2: People with high amount of investment and lower expectations say 10% to 15% of returns of investment.

Type 3: People with low amount of investment with higher amount of expectation. They want to double the money they put in.

Type 4: People with low amount of investment and very lower expectations say 200 rupees to 300 rupees per day.

Out of above 4 options, type 1 and 3 will usually lose the money, type 2 expectation-oriented people will generally stay as a short term and long-term investor. They do not trade daily or frequently. Among all these varieties type 4 remain my focus and they succeed by 95% in ratio when compare to other types of investors above.

Type 4 people are huge in volume, most of the strategies are applied in this category only. Various theories, logics, tools and techniques are common demand of this category trading people.

Earning 100Rs to 200Rs with 50,000Rs is really very successful trading capital and achievable expectation. People often reach me for the expectations of earning their daily expenses which remain below 500Rs.

Over a period of 10 years I have seen many investors who are succeeded with various methods, and I have and simplified to you here the same as an investment strategy for this expense earning and trading. Now I would like to reveal one of the strategies of daily earning expectations. I have named it as 1SW Trading Strategy.

Method of Trading:

  1. In this scenario, the total investment capital must be 50,000Rs for successful returns.
  2. At first accumulate the lower capital and middle capital companies in your trading or Moneycontrol application watch-list.
  3. These companies share price must be mainly between 20Rs per share to 200Rs per share. Price should not exceed this limit.
  4. Do complete fundamental analysis, whatever your learning must be applied and thoroughly check it for any issues in the company.
  5. Do a paperwork and keep data of these 3 factors, include company name, company share price and the last one must be of Volume to be Purchased. Calculate and document how many shares to be purchased for basic returns of 200 to 300Rs.
  6. Shortlisted companies to be added to your trading watch-list.
  7. Buy 1 share of all shortlisted companies, let’s call this watch-list further as 1SW ( 1 Share Watch-list). This is entry.
  8. After entry – investment to be done. Once you see the down trending of 8% to 10% of loses in any companies in the 1SW list then you can go for the investment. Go ahead and invest/buy shares as said in point no 5. Remember you are going to buy only for your target achievement.
  9. Your LTP of investment will be almost same as trade LTP value/share price purchased.
  10. Wait for 2 to 3 percent returns, it means 200Rs to 300Rs will be seen easily as there was lose of 8% to 10% in the company which you have chosen.
  11. Now, Ready to harvest, Exit and Book profits of 200Rs to 300Rs.
  12. Retain 1 share back in the script watch-list.
  13. Repeat the process from the list you have in 1 share watch-list.

This process of cyclic trading yield usually very great results. If any company keep hitting low, not giving returns as expected even after doing 2nd average then definitely you have to average once more and come out of it. Then exclude from the 1SW List too.

Keep your research of finding companies and adding them to your watch-list and 1SW list. Your efforts will give proper fruit by time. This is a very short-term trading strategy.

Also, this is one of my favorite strategy and most successful strategy too. By this way if you trade and look back your results at the end of a year then you might see 200% of yield too. Remember, what ever the investment you may have but your expectation must as per strategy only, means 200Rs to 300Rs per company trade.

You can understand this strategy by reading this article but may not be able to execute it. Hence, I decided to teach this strategy to whoever is interested. I do not charge, if you earn successfully then send me a box of chocolates 😊 😊, I would be happy a million.

I have modulated and listed few companies for this kind of trading agriculture. So, most of your efforts will be simplified and easy to understand. I can share all data I have and mentor few days so you can succeed, probably for a month I will support you.

Interested people can ping me via WhatsApp to 9964237328, I will coordinate further. Few Terms and conditions apply. Hope you all earn for living.


Ravi EQS

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